Lake View High School Renovation

This project includes roof replacement, masonry restoration, interior painting and corridor floor repair, as well as renovations to the gym, library, cafeteria and kitchen. Site improvement work includes an artificial turf field and track, along with new sidewalks and parking lot.

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Ebinger Elementary School Annex

The Ebinger Elementary School project consists of interior renovation, site improvements, and the construction of a two-story annex. The annex will house 7 standard classrooms, 3 special needs classrooms, and a science classroom as well as art and computer rooms. It will also include restrooms, an administrative office, and a kitchen and lunch/multipurpose room. The kitchen and dining area inside the existing school building will be converted into two classrooms. Site improvements consist of a new parking lot, turf field and playground.

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View the contract details for Ebinger’s vertical construction here.
View the contract details for Ebinger’s site preparation here.

Prussing Elementary School Annex

This new annex will feature academic classrooms, an art room and music room, and computer and science labs. The annex will also house restrooms, a kitchen and dining area, administrative office and an elevator. The work at Prussing Elementary School will include structural repairs to the existing school building as well as exterior masonry repairs and roof replacement. In addition, a new parking lot and turf play area will be installed.

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Esmond Elementary School Annex

The Esmond Elementary School project consists of site work and the construction of a new two-story annex. The annex will feature will include a standard classroom and a science classroom, art and computer rooms, a library, kitchen and dining area, restrooms, and an administrative suite. Site work includes the demolition of the existing annex building and upgrades to the parking lot, as well as the installation of a new turf field and playground. Additionally, the existing building will receive exterior envelope repairs and a roof replacement.

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Mt. Greenwood Elementary School Annex

This Mt. Greenwood Elementary School project consists of the construction of a two-story annex, renovation to the existing building, and site improvements. The new annex will house 13 standard classrooms, administrative space, restrooms and an elevator. Inside the existing school building, two classrooms will be converted to lunchroom space to expand dining capacity. Site improvements include the removal of a modular classroom building and the installation of a new parking lot and playground.

This is the PBC’s third construction project at Mt. Greenwood Elementary School; the first two projects were a linked annex and a modular building.

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View the contract details for Mt. Greenwood’s vertical construction here.

View the contract details for Mt. Greenwood’s site preparation here.

Richard Edwards Dual Language Fine & Performing Arts IB School Annex and Renovation

This two-part project includes the construction of a 3-story annex and renovations to the existing school building. Renovations were required in all areas affected/damaged by roof water infiltration, and damaged masonry water infiltration includes the first and second floor classrooms, gymnasium, auditorium and ancillary spaces. The required exterior repairs include a new roof system, masonry tuckpointing and lintel repairs. There will be upgrades to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems as it relates to the existing roof, and facade element failures.

The 50,000-square-foot annex was completed in 2016. The annex houses a lunchroom/multipurpose room, kitchen, and 24 classrooms. Three spaces in the main building were also renovated for educational use. Two modular units were demolished or removed upon completion of the annex, and a new playground was installed.

Lindblom Math & Science Academy Parking Lot

The PBC completed the land acquisition, design, and construction of a city-funded, 100-space parking lot for Lindblom Math & Science Academy. This project is located adjacent to the school and Lindblom Park, improving the safety and security of school staff that park off-campus.

Langston Hughes Elementary School

LEED Certified: Gold

This one story 103,000 SF elementary school designed for 840 Pre-K through 8th grade students. Twenty percent (20%) of the student population have special needs requirements. This state-of-the-art school will include 30 classrooms; Music, Science, Art, Library, Dining, and Gymnasium. The exterior finish will be mostly a masonry material. This site will have two parking lots, playground areas, and an accessible ball field.

LEED Features: The Discovery Garden of native plantings will be watered with rain water captured in a cistern, and the play areas use high reflectivity pavement to reduce urban heat island effects. This project has a target goal of LEED “Silver” Certification.


  • 2010 Silver Medal Association of Licensed Architects in recognition of superior achievement and professional design excellence
  • 2010 Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design (3rd Place)

Dr. Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy

LEED Certified: GOLD

Open for the 2009 school year this school is the L shaped prototypical design to serve 900 students, ranging from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade. The 106,000-square-foot, three-story, steel frame and masonry construction building includes science, computer, music, and art classrooms, in addition to library, gymnasium, and dining facilities. There is parking to accommodate 222 vehicles for the new school and adjacent Hanson Stadium.

LEED Features: This building incorporates the sustainable design criteria required by the USGBC to achieve LEED “Silver” Certification, including 25% green roof.