Minnie Mars Jamieson Elementary School Annex

The project includes the construction of a three-story 38,000 square foot annex comprised of 14 classrooms, a computer classroom, a science classroom, a music classroom, a kitchen/dining room, and select interior renovations at the existing school. Site improvements comprise of new play equipment, artificial turf field, and storm water management improvements. The existing modular will be removed upon completion of the annex.

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Arthur E. Canty Elementary School Annex

The project includes the development of an approximately 38,000 square foot Annex and site development. The annex will include 16 classrooms with a lunchroom/multi-purpose room and a hybrid kitchen.

The existing school kitchen will be repurposed to a classroom. The existing play lot will be replaced with a new play lot on the western portion of the site. The existing modulars will be removed when Annex is complete.

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Miles Davis Academy


The new three-story is approximately 100,000 square feet and will serve 600 students. The design consists of a new three-story facility made of steel framing and predominantly brick construction.

The facility features:

  • Modern classrooms,
  • Art room,
  • Multipurpose room,
  • Science room,
  • Library and
  • Gymnasium

LEED Features: This project has a goal of LEED “Silver” Certification.

Albany Park School

LEED Certified

The new three-story middle school will include 26 classrooms and accommodate 720 students. With a building area of approximately 104,000 square feet, the school will sit on a 4.5-acre site.

In addition, the new Albany Park school will be built to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. In support of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s effort to make Chicago the most environmentally friendly city in the nation, “green” building strategies are integrated into the design phase of every PBC project.

Richardson Middle School (SW Area School)

The Project consists of construction of a new 135,000 square foot, 1500 student, 3-story middle school. The school will include 48 classrooms, 3 special needs classrooms 3 breakout spaces, 4 science classrooms, 4 computer classrooms, 2 art classrooms, 1 music classroom, a dining center, a hybrid kitchen, gymnasium, library, and administrative suite. Building construction will be concrete and steel frame atop spread concrete footings and an exterior envelope consisting of cold formed steel studs and masonry veneer. Site improvements comprising of a new parking lot, storm water management improvements, new sidewalks, new vehicular drive, artificial athletic turf fields and a refuse / delivery.

LEED Features:
The new building and site will be designed and constructed to achieve a minimum LEED for Schools 2009 Certified rating as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council.

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