2017 Bid Tabulations

Date Description Contract #

5/5/17       Lakeview High School Renovation   C1583

5/4/17       Lincoln Park High School Renovation   C1582

11/29/16   CVCA Exterior Lighting and Anthony Wing Decommissioning  C1574

10/26/16   Harold Washington Library Center's Thomas Hughes Children's Library Renovation  C1575

8/4/16       Faculty Room Renovation and Intercom Repair at Wildwood World Magnet School  C1573

9/23/15     Underground Low Voltage Services (Lakefront North Fiber Extension)  C1572

6/19/15     CPS 2015 AC Program Region A  C1570A

6/19/15     CPS 2015 AC Program Region B  C1570B

6/19/15     CPS 2015 AC Program Region C  C1570C

6/8/15       Tonti Elementary School 2015 Modular  C1571

6/4/15       Arthur E. Canty Elementary School Annex & Renovation  C1568

5/28/15     Minnie Mars Jamieson Elementary School  C1567

5/6/15       Dunne Technology Academy Modernization (Scope B)  C1566a

4/29/15     Mt. Greenwood Modular  C1569

4/2/15       Southwest Area School, New Construction  C1565

3/9/15       Dunne Technology Academy Modernization  C1566/05440

2/26/15     Southeast Area Elementary School - New Construction  C1564

9/25/14     Walter Payton Collge Prep High School Annex & Renovation  C1562

9/4/14       Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Annex/Rennovation  C1561

7/1/14       Wildwood World Magnet School Annex/Renovation  C1560

6/3/14       Oriole Park Elementary School Annex/Renovation  C1559

5/1/14       Turf Field at National Teachers Academy  C1558

2/12/14     Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School                             C1557

12/3/13     John C. Coonley Elementary School Addition & Renovation             1556

10/20/13   Chicago Children's Advocacy Center Addition & Renovation            1555

9/19/13     William Jones College Prep Phase 2                                                1554R (Rebid)

5/9/13       William Jones College Prep Phase 1                                                1552

5/2/13       Albany Park Branch Library, New Construction                                1550

3/5/13       Alexander Graham Bell School Addition                                            1545R (Rebid)

1/31/13     Nathan Hale Elementary School Linked Annex, new construction    1546

1/30/13     2013 JOC Facilities Renovation Work & Site Development Work       1549

1/24/13     Edison Park Elementary School Linked Annex, new construction     1547
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