Contract Number: PS2083R

Old Veteran Construction, Inc.

Contract Type: Professional Services
Contract Documents:

Book 1: CN_PBC_RAD_PS2083R_DaleyCollegeEAMC_OldVeteranConstruction_20180915

Amendment 1: AM_PBC_LAL_PS2083RDaleyEAMC_OVC_20180116

Amendment 2: AM_PBC_LAL_PS2083R_DaleyCollegeAMC_DesignBuildSvcsOldVeteranConstruction_20180718

Term Agreement: Other
Contract Officer: Raven DeVaughn
Board Approval Date: 08/18/2017
Issue for Bid/Proposal Date:
Bid/Proposal Opening Date:
User Agency: City Colleges of Chicago
Contract Description: Notice to Proceed for Partial GMP for Design-Build Services of Daley College's Advanced Manufacturing Center