Playground Equipment Supply, Installation and Miscellaneous Site Work for Head Start Facility various locations: Chicago Commons Association - 1633 N. Hamlin -DHS-28. Chicago Youth Centers - 3415 W. 13th Place - DHS-19. Marcy-Newberry Association- 1339 S. Pulaski - DHS-13. Chicago Commons Association - 1814 S. Paulina - DHS-27. Marcy Newberry Association - 1537 s. Springfield- DHS-12. ADA S. McKinley Association - 7222 S. Exhange - DHS-15. South Chicago YMCA-8902 S. Brandon - DHS-16. Boys and Girls Club - 2850 W. Washington - DHS-14. City Colleges/Kennedy King College- 6800 S. Wentworth-DHS-21 Lutheran Social Services-1500 N. Mason-DHS-11. St. Augustine College-3401 W.McLean- DHS-07. All Natioin Development Center-8435 S. Stony Island-DHS-03. Salvation Army Emergency Lodge-4800 N. Marine Drive-DHS-20. First Church of Love and Faith-2141 W. 79th St.-DHS-06. Chase House Kingdom Head Start-301 N. Central-DHS-04.

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