General Contractors

Chicago resident Chris Garza worked as an Electrical Foreman on PBC’s Byrne Elementary School annex project.

Pre-Qualification Process

The PBC may require that General Contractors be prequalified to bid on its construction contracts. Interested contractors are invited to submit Statements of Qualifications (and Financial Conditions) (SOQ) for those bid opportunities. Firms that wish to be considered for prequalification must submit the required forms and documents by the date indicated in the SOQ.

Firms interested in being prequalified to work on PBC projects should sign up for PBC Alerts; where subscribers are notified of all SOQs and upcoming procurement opportunities via email.

SOQs are also published in the Chicago Sun Times and posted on this website. The prequalification submission schedule for general construction is available on this website under Public Advertisements.

Eligibility for General Contractor prequalification is determined based on an evaluation of the SOQ information and documentation submitted by the applicant. Criteria will include the project-specific financial and bonding capacity, experience on similar construction projects, resumes of key staff and references. Once prequalified, the contractor will be placed on a notification list to receive Invitations for Bid on applicable projects.

Invitation for Bid

Once the construction project is ready for bid, all prequalified contractors will be issued Invitations for Bid.


Subcontractors, selected by General Contractors, play a large role in building the new public facilities developed by the Public Building Commission. The PBC recommends that interested subcontractors sign up for PBC Alerts to stay informed about upcoming projects. The PBC Alert system, as well as the PBC website, allows subcontractors to learn of future PBC projects, monitor lists of general contractors prequalified to bid on the projects, attend pre-bid meetings, and possibly establish relationships with the general contractors which might translate into opportunities for subcontracting.

Job Order Contracting

Among the tools the Public Building Commission of Chicago uses to deliver its projects with maximum efficiency is the Job Order Contacting (JOC) system. The JOC system is a firm, fixed-price, fast-track procurement system that utilizes a catalog of pre-priced work tasks. The PBC periodically solicits qualifications from general contractors and other companies interested in site work and demolition, facilities renovation, remodeling and other work.