Chicago Public Schools

The Public Building Commission has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Chicago Public Schools, with the PBC  building new facilities, creating additions and annexes, and making renovations to existing school buildings.

Examples of the working relationship between the PBC and the Schools include the construction of Tarkington School, the first Chicago Public School to be recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a LEED-certified building, and the rehabilitation of the historic Bronzeville Eighth Regiment Armory, which now houses the Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville and occupies a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

The PBC is committed to incorporating features into school buildings to make them safe, strong, technologically adaptable and environmentally friendly. Such features include virtually indestructible block walls, green roofs, programmable HVAC systems, wiring for voice and data transmissions, low emission building materials and security cameras that can be linked to the City’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications. New schools include features that qualify the building for certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.


Dett Elementary School Annex and Renovations

South Loop Elementary School

Ebinger Elementary School Annex

Esmond Elementary School Annex

Prussing Elementary School Annex

Lovett Elementary School Renovations

Locke Elementary School Renovations

Kenwood Academy High School Renovations

Corliss High School Renovations

Lincoln Park High School Renovation

Dore Elementary School

Englewood STEM High School

Zapata Academy Annex

Columbia Explorers Academy Modular

Byrne Elementary School Annex

Belmont Cragin Elementary School

Hancock Replacement School

Lake View High School Renovation

Taft Freshman Academy

Southeast Area Elementary School

Wildwood World Magnet School Annex

Walter Payton College Prep Annex

Dunne STEM Academy

Turf Field at National Teachers Academy

Daniel J. Corkery Elementary School

Robert Healy Elementary School

Eli Whitney Elementary School

Ashburn Community Elementary School

Marquette Elementary School

Mount Greenwood Elementary School

Francis W. Parker Community Academy

William P. Nixon Elementary School

Spry Community Links High School

Emiliano Zapata Academy

James Monroe Elementary School

Bernhard Moos Elementary School

Avondale-Logandale Elementary School

William P. Gray Elementary School

Hanson Park Elementary School

Josephine C. Locke Elementary School

John B. Murphy Elementary School

John Palmer Elementary School

Portage Park Elementary School

George B. Swift Specialty School

Cyrus H. McCormick Elementary School

James G Blaine Elementary School

John C. Coonley School Addition

Thomas J. Higgins School Renovations

Mary Lyon Elementary School Modular

Little Village Academy Modular

Air Force Academy Renovation

Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy

James Shields Middle School

Collins High School Renovation

Mariano Azuela Elementary School

George Westinghouse College Prep

Bontemps School Campus Park

Miles Davis Academy

Graeme Stewart Campus Park

Charles Wacker Campus Park

Mount Vernon School Campus Park

Phillip Rogers School Campus Park

Elihu Yale School Campus Park

Daniel J. Corkery School Campus Park

Albany Park School

Scott Joplin Elementary School

Edmond Burke Elementary School

Jackie Robinson Elementary School

Nicholas Senn High School

Walt Disney School Campus Park

William H Brown Elementary School

Tarkington School of Excellence

Ulysses S. Grant School Campus Park

Haugan Middle School Campus

Marquette Elementary School

Fermi / South Shore Fine Arts

Fort Dearborn Elementary School

Alex Haley Elementary Academy

Robert H Lawrence Elementary School

Mount Vernon Elementary School

Nicholson Technology Academy

Pershing West Middle School

Paul Revere Elementary School

Clara Barton Elementary School

Austin O. Sexton Elementary School

John Foster Dulles Elementary School

Dumas Technology Academy

James Bowen High School

George H Corliss High School

Walter Q Gresham Elementary School

Luke O’Toole Elementary School

Bret Harte Elementary School

William W Carter Elementary School

Lazaro Cardenas Elementary School

Rosario Castellanos Elementary School

Edward K Ellington Elementary School

Helen M Hefferan Elementary School

Irvin C Mollison Elementary School

George W Tilton Elementary School

Perkins Bass Elementary School

Edward C Delano Elementary School

Willa Cather Elementary School

Countee Cullen Elementary School

Michael Faraday Elementary School

Samuel Gompers Fine Arts Options ES

Victor Herbert Elementary School

Jensen Elementary Scholastic Academy

William H Ray Elementary School

Martin A Ryerson Elementary School

Morton School of Excellence

Northwest Middle School

Leslie Lewis Elementary School

Joseph Brennemann Elementary School

Eliza Chappell Elementary School

James B McPherson Elementary School

Joseph Stockton Elementary School

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Hyde Park Academy High School

Lincoln Park High School

John F Kennedy High School

Carl Schurz High School

Arthur R Ashe Elementary School

John M Smyth Elementary School

William W. Carter School

Little Village High School

DePriest Elementary School

Claremont Academy

North-Grand High School

George W. Collins High School

William Howard Taft High School

Whitney Young Magnet High School

Roberto Clemente High School

George Washington Carver High School

Percy L. Julian High School

Wendell Smith School

David G. Farragut Career Academy

Garrett A. Morgan School

Walt Disney Magnet School

Michelle Clark Middle School

Davis Developmental Center Playlot

Chicago Military Academy

Hiram H. Belding School

Sojourner Truth School

Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H.S.

Rezin Orr Career Academy

John Hope College Prep

Edward H. White Elementary School

Neal F. Simeon Career Academy

Elizabeth Peabody School

Avalon Park School

Matthew Gallistel Language Academy

Mahalia Jackson School

Rudyard Kipling School

Paul Cuffe Academy

Turner-Drew Language Academy Campus Park

William H. Brown School Campus Park

R. Nathaniel Dett School Campus Park

Lincoln Park High School/Oz Park

William P. Gray School Campus Park

John A. Walsh School Campus Park

Jonathan Burr School Campus Park

Peirce School Campus Park

Stone Scholastic Academy Campus Park

Daniel Hale Williams School Campus Park

Frederick Funston School Campus Park

James Otis School Campus Park

Raymond School Campus Park

Franklin Fine Arts Center Campus Park

Brian Piccolo School Campus Park

Lorenz Brentano School Campus Park

Irving Park Middle School Campus Park

John H. Hamline School Campus Park

Jane Addams School Campus Park

Stephen A. Douglas School Campus Park

Lane Tech High School

Walter S. Christopher School

Morrill Math and Science Speciality

Harold Washington School

Lincoln Park High School

Newton Bateman School

Cecil A. Partee Transitional School

John Harvard School

Hiram H. Belding School

George T. Donoghue School

Marcus Moziah Garvey School

Amos A. Stagg School

Herbert Spencer School

William G. Hibbard School

Nathan R. Goldblatt School

Neal F. Simeon Career Academy

George Westinghouse Career Academy

South Shore Career Academy

Charles P Steinmetz Academic Centre

William Howard Taft High School

Tilden Career Community Academy

F. W. Von Steuben Metro High School

Whitney Young Magnet High School

Jacqueline Vaughn Occupational H.S.

Nikola Tesla Alternative School

Washington D. Smyser School

John M. Smyth School

Joseph Stockton Specialty School

George B. Swift Specialty School

Alexander Von Humboldt School

John A. Walsh School

James Ward School

George Washington School

Daniel Hale Williams School

Edward H. White Career Academy

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Charles H. Wacker School

Wendell Smith School

Carl Schurz High School

Senn High School

Rachel Carson School

William H. Seward School

Austin O. Sexton School

Arnold Mireles Specialty School

James Shields Annex

Songhai School

Dunbar Vocational Career Academy

Lucy L. Flower Career Academy

Near North Career High School

Prosser Career Academy

Richards Career Academy

Roald Amundsen High School

Austin Community Academy H.S.

James H. Bowen High School

Calumet Academic High School

Richard Crane Tech. Prep Com. School

David G. Farragut Career Academy

Christian Fenger Academic High School

Paul Robeson High School

Edwin G. Foreman High School

Gage Park High School

John Marshall Harlan Community Academy

William Rainey Harper High School

Emil G. Hirsch Metro High School

Hyde Park Academic High School

Thomas Kelly High School

Kelvyn Park High School

John F. Kennedy High School

Lake View High School

Lane Tech High School

Hugh Manley Career Academy

John Marshall Metro High School

Stephen T. Mather High School

Morgan Park High School

Wendell Phillips Academy

Theodore Roosevelt High School

Gurdon S. Hubbard High School

Kenwood Academic High School

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. High School.

Chicago Agricultural High School

Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H.S.

Rezin Orr C.A. High School

Roberto Clemente High School

George Washington Carver High School

Percy L. Julian High School

George W. Collins High School

Benito Juarez Community Academy

Jane Addams School

George Armstrong School

Crispus Attucks School

Avondale School

Alice L. Barnard School

Perkins Bass School

George Rogers Clark School

Milton Brunson School

Alexander Graham Bell Elementary

Daniel Boone School

Orville T. Bright School

Alexander Bouchet Elementary

Susan B. Anthony School

Burnside Scholastic Academy

Little Village Academy

William W. Carter School

George F. Cassell School

Eliza Chappell School

DeWitt Clinton School

Coles Model for Excellence Academy

Jordan Community School

Daniel J. Corkery School

Charles S. Deneen School

William E. Dever School

Thomas Drummond School

Melville W. Fuller School

Robert Fulton School

Frederick Funston School

Rosewell B. Mason School

James E. McDade Classical School

Francis M. McKay School

Hanson Park School

Garrett A. Morgan School

James Monroe School

Morrill Math and Science Speciality

Daniel Carter Beard School

Blair Early Childhood Center

Wolfgang A. Mozart School

John B. Murphy School

Louis Nettelhorst School

Florence Nightingale School

William P. Nixon Annex

William J. Onahan School

Francis Parkman School

Harold Washington School

Josiah L. Pickard School

Nathaniel Pope School

William H. Prescott School

William H. Ray School

Frank W. Reilly School

George Schneider School

Theophilus Schmid School

Elihu Yale School

Ludwig Von Beethoven School

Richard J. Daley Academy

Michele Clark Middle School

George T. Donoghue School

John T. McCutcheon School

Jensen Scholastic Academy

Simon Guggenhiem School

Richard Henry Lee School

William Augustus Hinton School

Brighton Park School

Logandale Middle School

Walt Disney Magnet School

Langston Hughes School

Stephen K. Hayt School

Carl Von Linne School

Jesse Owens C.A.

Joseph E. Gary School

A. Philip Randolph Magnet School

Samuel Gompers School

Ulysses S. Grant School

Robert L. Grimes School

John C. Haines School

John H. Hamline Branch School

Finkl School

Helge A. Haugan School

Emiliano Zapata Academy

John Hay Community Academy

Robert Healy Elementary School

Helen M. Hefferan School

Agustin Lara Academy

William G. Hibbard School

Cregier Multiplex

Julia Ward Howe School

Thomas Hoyne School

John Hope College Prep HS

Galileo Scholastic Academy

Thomas Jefferson School

Joyce Kilmer School

Rodolfo Lozano Annex

Leslie Lewis School

Arthur A. Libby School

Henry D. Lloyd School

Josephine Locke School

Marquette Elementary School

Paul Laurence Dunbar Career Academy Renovation

Martha M. Ruggles School Campus Park

Theophilus Schmid School Campus Park

Stephen K. Hayt School Campus Park

Rufus M. Hitch School Campus Park

Shoop Academy Campus Park

Daniel S. Wentworth School Campus Park

John Gregory School Campus Park

Lake View High School Campus Park

Oscar F. Mayer School Campus Park

Senn High School Campus Park

Touhy/Herbert School Campus Park

Richard Yates School Campus Park

James Monroe School Campus Park

Joyce Kilmer School Campus Park

Enrico Fermi School Campus Park

South Loop School Campus Park

Parkside Community Academy Campus Park

Frank W. Gunsaulus School Campus Park

James Wadsworth School Campus Park

Michael M. Byrne School Campus Park

Charles Sumner School Campus Park

Alfred David Kohn School Campus Park

Nicholson School Campus Park

Alex Haley School Campus Park

King/Price School Campus Park

William P. Nixon School Campus Park

George W. Curtis School

James Whistler School

Alice L. Barnard School

George Armstrong School

Garrett A. Morgan School

Richard E. Byrd Academy

Emiliano Zapata Academy

William E. Dever School

John H. Hamline School

Ignace Paderewski School

George M. Pullman School

William T. Sherman School

Ira F. Aldridge School

Henry R. Clissold School

Julia Ward Howe School

Everett McKinley Dirksen School

Eugene Field School

Joseph Jungman School

William Augustus Hinton School

Elihu Yale School

Orville T. Bright School

John Barry School

George W. Tilton School

John W. Cook School

Portage Park School

George Rogers Clark School

Beasley Academic Magnet School

Paul Revere School

Joseph Brennemann School

J. W. Von Goethe School

William Jones College Prep

Columbia Explorers Academy

John C. Haines School

Lowell Elementary School Playlot

Francis Parkman School

Edward Jenner Academy of the Arts

Leslie Lewis School Campus Park

James Weldon Johnson School

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Foster Park School

Vernon Johns Middle Academy

Thomas Jefferson School

Josiah L. Pickard School

Chicago Military Academy Addition

Daniel S. Wentworth School

Wendell Phillips Academy

Frank I. Bennett School

J. W. Von Goethe School Campus Park

Songhai School

Joyce Kilmer School

Mildred I. Lavizzo Elementary

Arthur Ashe School

Eliza Chappell School

Robert Healy Elementary School

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn School

Ralph H. Metcalfe Academy

Morrill Math & Science Specialty Sc

Ernst Prussing School

Beluah Shoesmith School

Sojourner Truth School

John Greenleaf Whittier School

James G. Blaine School

Louis J. Agassiz School

Thomas Drummond School

Rosewell B. Mason School

James Madison School

Walt Disney Magnet School

James B. McPherson School

Abraham Lincoln School

Francis M. McKay School

A. Philip Randolph Magnet School

Daniel R. Cameron School

Chicago Arts High School Renovation

Greeley Elementary School Playlot

McCutcheon Elementary School

Smyser Elementary School Playlot

Wadsworth CPC Playlot

William Howard Taft High School

Horace Mann School Campus Park

Charles W. Earle School Campus Park