PBC Board Meeting

Event Details

Second Floor Board Room
Richard J. Daley Center
50 West Washington Street

Board Actions

Services: Material Testing
Project: Corliss High School Renovations
Company: Terracon Consultants, Inc.
Amount: $47,845.00
Details: PS2060G-001
Services: Material Testing
Project: Locke Elementary School Renovations
Company: GSG Material Testing, Inc.
Amount: $141,410.00
Details: PS2065D-001
Services: Geotechnical
Project: Belmont Cragin Replacement School
Company: SEECO Consultants, Inc.
Amount: $35,625.00
Details: PS2062E-001
Services: Material Testing
Project: Prussing Elementary School Annex
Company: ECS Midwest, LLC
Amount: $24,929.75
Details: PS2065B-002
Services: Material Testing
Project: Engine Company 115
Company: GSG Material Testing, Inc.
Amount: $236,795.00
Details: PS2075D-001
Services: Architect of Record
Project: Brooks College Prep Athletic Amenities
Company: Brook Architecture, Inc.
Amount: $5,575.00
Details: PS3026-002
Other Action
Action: Nomination and election of Paul Stewart as the Assistant Secretary of the Public Building Commission of Chicago.