Joyce Chapman

Commissioner, Chicago Board Of Education

Joyce Chapman was appointed to the Chicago Board of Education by Mayor Lori Lightfoot and began
serving on June 1, 2022.

Joyce Chapman, Commissioner, Public Building Commission of Chicago

Joyce is a community organizer, a visionary, a true leader, an empowered woman, and lifelong learner who is committed to ensuring that all children and families receive quality education, have productive public safety, adequate housing and provide support to all positive community initiatives. She has been an active member of the Far South Community Action Council (FSCAC) of CPS since its inception in 2011 and served as Chairwoman until June 14, 2022. With over 20 years of community engagement and social service experience, Joyce’s professional experience of working with Wards of the State and DOC Juvenile parolees has enhanced her abilities to assist the underserved population in her community and around the greater Chicagoland area.

Joyce served as the CAPS Beat 512 Facilitator for the 5th District – Chicago Police Department from 1999 – 2009, and subsequently, became the District Advisory Council President for the 5th District – Chicago Police Department. She works tirelessly with community residents and has been instrumental in helping deter crime in various Chicagoland communities. She is a firm believer that it is important to work with local police districts to ensure safety and enhance quality of life in the community. As of 2016, Joyce was appointed to serve on the Chicago Police Community Policing Advisory Panel (CPAP).

Joyce has served on the Gately Park Advisory Council (GPAC) for the past 10 years as President. Under her leadership, GPAC has developed and implemented seven (7) annual Men Grill-Offs, seven (7) Holiday Food giveaways and Secret Santa giveaways, and six (6) annual community field trips to Brookfield Zoo, which hosted over 400 children and families for a fun-filled day. Joyce also served on the Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) Advisory Board and was the Vice President for 6 years.

Joyce continues to be an advocate and representative of her community in the following roles:

  • Founded of Woman Empowered Civic Engagement (WECE) in May 2016, which challenges and
    champions the task of women’s involvement in city, county, state and federal legislation.
  • Organizer and developer of a Quality of Life Plan of LISC Chicago for the Far Southside of
    Chicago in January 2019. Joyce currently serves as President of the Far South Chicago Coalition
    as of 2020.
  • Current Vice President for the National Community Based Organization Network (NCBON), which
    focuses on involving, engaging and empowering community organizations.

Joyce was born in Tokyo, Japan, went to school on military bases, and had the distinct opportunity to
travel extensively – all of which allows her to be culturally aware and sensitive to all. She has lived in the
historic Pullman community for over 50 years and has always felt compelled to engage the community. In
May 2002, Joyce embarked on the mission to start Pullman Community Development Corporation, with a
focus on revitalizing North Pullman.

Joyce is honored to be a mother to her lovely and intelligent daughters, who are her 3 Pillars: Ashanti,
Umi and Amina. Additionally, she has a host of grandchildren who make her “beam.”