General Contractors

Request for Qualifications
General Contractors


The Public Building Commission of Chicago is soliciting the qualifications of General Contractors to perform construction work for certain projects. A General Contractor seeking qualification is required to submit the RFQ and accompanying documents as stated in the RFQ in order to be considered by the Commission. The PBC will evaluate qualification submittals to determine if each respondent is qualified to perform construction work for the PBC as a General Contractor for projects of $1,000,000 and above or only for projects under $1,000,000.

Request for Qualification Documents:
Copies of the RFQ documents may be downloaded here or picked up at The Public Building Commission, Richard J. Daley Center, Room 200, 66 West Washington.

All questions regarding the RFQ must be submitted in writing to Alev Nobles, Contract Administrator, Public Building Commission, 66 West Washington, Room 200, Chicago, IL 60602. Questions may also be faxed to Ms. Nobles at 312/744-3572.

Pre-Submittal Conferences:
A Pre-Submittal Conference will be held on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 2:30 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Board Room Richard J. Daley Center.

A second Pre-Submittal Conference will be held on Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 2:30 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Board Room Richard J. Daley Center. Attendance is strongly encouraged for those submitting responses. When attending a meeting in the Daley Center allow for extra time to pass through the building’s security screening. Firms which attended the first pre-submittal conference do not need to attend the second.

Due Date and Time for Responses: (Note Date Change)
Sealed responses shall be submitted and received no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 15, 2002 at the Public Building Commission, Richard J. Daley Center, Room 200, 66 West Washington, Chicago, IL 60602. When responses are delivered by mail or messenger to the Commission, the Respondent shall be responsible for their delivery before the due date and time. Late submittals may not be accepted, unless the Executive Director determines that it is in the best interest of the Commission.

Any interpretations, corrections, or changes to this RFQ will be made by addenda. Sole issuing authority of addenda shall be vested in the Commission. Addenda will be forwarded by first class mail or facsimile transmittal to all that are known to have received a copy of this RFQ, but the Commission will not guarantee receipt of any addenda sent to the Respondent. It is the responsibility of the Respondent to inquire as to the issuance of any addenda. Respondent shall acknowledge receipt of all addenda in the cover letter of the response. Addendum 1 has been issued.

False Statements
Any false statement(s) made by the Respondent will void the response and eliminate the Respondent from further consideration.

Firms Attending the 1st or 2nd Pre-Submittal Confrence:
Blackwell Consulting
Buckeye Construction
Cabo Construction
Clayco Construction
Divane Bros Electric Co.
Drake Construction
F & V Construction
Fire Line Blacktop
K&S Enterprise, Inc.
LMS Construction
Mavis Construction
McFoster Company
Ramirez & Maesch
Reyes Group, Ltd.
Sarang, Corp.
Sebesta Blomberg
SoderLund Bros. Inc.