Mayor Daley Dedicates New Campus Park At Mozart Elementary School

Opens new community anchor in 35th Ward

Mayor’s Press Office, (312) 744-3334

Mayor Richard M. Daley, along with community members, today officially dedicated the new campus park at Mozart Elementary School, 2200 N. Hamlin Av.

“For a long time in Chicago, the typical elementary school was surrounded by concrete and asphalt playgrounds and parking lots. Our campus parks program grew out of the unconventional idea that we can surround our schools with green, open spaces filled with grass, trees and flowers,” Daley said.

The Mozart Campus Park includes:

  • Two sets of playground equipment with rubberized ground surface — one set for children ages 2 to 5 and another for children ages 5 to 12.
  • New landscaping with bushes and shrubs
  • New open space
  • Fencing for safety
  • A trash compactor
  • Additional parking
“Making improvements like these sends a powerful message to our communities that the school system cares about the condition of the buildings and the people who use them every day. We are essentially building parks on the grounds of our schools to improve the quality of life for our children and the entire community,” Daley said.

The Campus Parks program is a $50 million dollar joint effort among the Public Building Commission, Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Park District.

“Since we began our efforts to re-make the Chicago Public Schools, we have built or fully renovated 45 schools, expanded 66 others and added up-to-date laboratories, libraries and gymnasiums. We will build or rehabilitate 27 more schools over the next six years,” Daley said

“Just as important, we have torn out more than 100 asphalt playgrounds and turned them into campus parks like this one for students and neighborhood residents.

“These places draw residents rather than keep them at arm’s length, and serve as neighborhood anchors in way a public school building ought to.

“These are the kinds of projects we need to continue to invest in, even in these challenging budget times,” Daley said.