PBC Awarded CMAA Top Honors for Modern Schools Across Chicago Program

Project Achievement Award Received for Excellence in Program Management

Mimi Simon, Public Building Commission, (312) 744-9277

The Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC) was awarded the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) 2011 “Project Achievement Award in the Program/Program Phase-Buildings” category.  The award was received for the Modern Schools Across Chicago (MSAC) Program, Phase One.

Erin Lavin Cabonargi, Executive Director for the PBC, accepted the award at CMAA’s Industry Recognition Dinner held in conjunction with the CMAA National Conference and Trade Show on November 8, 2011.

The PBC is particularly proud to have received this award as selections are based on outcomes, overall management, safety, quality management, cost management, schedule management, complexity, and innovation and creativity.

Moreover, the CMAA Project Achievement Awards are competitive and open to both public and private entrants.  PBC is proud to be recognized and selected among high-caliber, private sector, industry professionals.

“The Public Building Commission is grateful for the opportunity to have delivered this innovative and ambitious capital program and we are honored to be recognized for successful program management by our peers in the construction and program management industry,” said Lavin Cabonargi.

For the total MSAC program, the PBC was given the authority to expend up to $1,077,013,735 on the 19 MSAC projects which are being or have been developed by the PBC. As of September 23, 2011, the PBC is trending under budget by $115,369,758 or 10.76%, on the 19 projects.

As good stewards of the public fund, the PBC focuses on economic sustainability in project and program development. The construction of these new school projects has created more than 3,200 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs, and more than 14,800 individuals have worked on these 19 projects to date.  Of the total construction value for the 19 MSAC projects, 36.74% has been paid to date to minority-owned businesses and 5.11% has been paid to date women-owned businesses, as of September 23, 2011.  These projects have also generated 300 community hires to date for these 19 projects, as a direct result of PBC contract requirements and oversight.

One unique feature of the prototype designs for MSAC schools is the provision for Community Use on evenings and weekends. The high schools even feature separate, independent entrances for both the library and the athletic wing and dedicated storage and administrative spaces for the Chicago Park District or a Community Operator.

The PBC continues to be a leader in green building with its promotion of environmentally sustainable development practices. Projects built by the PBC are designed to achieve LEED “Silver” certification or better from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Each MSAC project includes diversion of construction waste from landfills; utilization of recycled materials in construction; green and reflective roofs; enhanced natural light; solar-powered features; high efficiency heating and cooling systems; low flow/low consumption water usage; responsible landscaping; and aggressive stormwater management.

The City of Chicago has more municipally-owned LEED certified facilities than any other city in the nation (46 in total), due in large part to the PBC which has achieved certification on 37 to date, with 35 more registered.

The Public Building Commission of Chicago manages construction and renovation projects for the City of Chicago and its sister agencies. Mayor Rahm Emanuel serves as the PBC’s chairman. Erin Lavin Cabonargi serves as the Executive Director of the PBC.  Additional information about the PBC and its projects can be found at www.pbcchicago.com

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