Public Building Commission Releases Mid-Year Performance Report

Projects Bring Opportunities for Minority, Women-Owned Business Participation New Resources for Neighborhoods Also Highlighted

Molly Sullivan, Public Building Commission, (312) 744-9277

The Public Building Commission today released its second quarter and mid-year performance reports that showed how the development of innovative projects is bringing increased opportunities for minority and women-owned business participation and new resources to our neighborhoods.

“In the first half of 2015, the PBC marked the successful opening of a number of projects that are bringing new resources, opportunities and jobs to our communities,” said PBC’s Executive Director Felicia S. Davis. “The strong partnerships we have forged with our clients are critical to the work we do across the City and Cook County, and our work helps to stabilize neighborhoods and serve as a catalyst for more development that is reshaping and revitalizing our neighborhoods.”

The mid-year report reflects the highest level of accountability and transparency in managing and reporting how the PBC spends taxpayer-supported dollars. It also recognizes how the support the PBC receives from its clients and community partners, along with cost and schedule controls, has allowed the PBC to build upon a track record of completing projects on schedule and within budget.

As of Q2 2015, the PBC’s multi-year program authority exceeds $1.7 billion for projects complete or in progress since 2011. Projects included in the multi-year program are trending under budget by 9.1% representing a variance of $158 million under the current budgets, inclusive of a limited number of scope revisions.

2015 Project Highlights
On behalf of the City of Chicago, through Q2 2015, the PBC completed the expansion of the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, which doubles the center’s capacity to provide mental health services for children who are sexually abused, adds dedicated space for professional and community trainings, improves the quality and number of child- and family-friendly areas for clients and ensures that the physical environment of the center is conducive to collaboration among members of the center’s co-located, multi-disciplinary teams.

The PBC is proud to have partnered with Chicago Public Library in 2015 to construct three new YOUmedia centers at locations across the City. These new digital media labs at Woodson and Sulzer Regional Libraries, as well as Legler Branch Library, are expanding CPL’s digital teen services. Expanding these innovative digital media labs to libraries throughout the City will provide more teens with opportunities to foster their creativity and nurture their talents. The YOUmedia centers also serve as safe places for teens to stay engaged and benefit from mentorship.

“YOUmedia centers are an example of the innovative work the PBC is doing with its clients to bring the latest technology to our communities so people of all ages can benefit from these new facilities that enrich their lives,” Davis said.

Other work completed to date in 2015 includes:

  • A new turf field completed at National Teachers Academy will provide a football and soccer practice field along with a running track for CPS students and the surrounding community.
  • A number of projects that provide enhanced electronic security measures, including cameras, at various public locations on behalf of the City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

A Diverse Workforce
The PBC’s commitment to a diverse workforce and participation for minority and women-owned businesses is a priority and extends to all of its work, from general construction to professional administrative services. In 2015 through Q2, four projects have been completed totaling $10.65 million as paid to date. These projects have achieved MBE participation of 26.77% or $2.85 million and WBE participation of 20.26% or $2.16 million for a total of 47.04% or $5.01 million.

In addition to project level professional services, the PBC also tracks compliance on program-wide professional administrative services, including financial services, information technology, insurance brokerage, legal, office management and property management services. To date in 2015, the PBC has paid professional administrative services contracts totaling $4.77 million. As paid to date, these services have achieved MBE participation of 51.35% or $2.44 million and WBE participation of 9.68% or $461,928 for a total participation of 61.03% or $2.91 million.

Leading with LEED
The Public Building Commission of Chicago is committed to environmentally sustainable development. In Q2 of 2015, LEED Gold certification was achieved on the Hale Elementary School Addition. Together, the City of Chicago and Sister Agencies, including the PBC, have achieved LEED Certification on a total of 89 municipally-owned facilities. The PBC is also managing programs to install Energy Conservation Measures across a range of City of Chicago and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) facilities. The PBC also is committed to renewable energy strategies. To date, PBC has installed geothermal systems at 16 buildings, installed 75 solar thermal panels at 6 buildings, and building integrated photovoltaics or panels at 2 buildings with another 5 buildings made PV-ready.

About the PBC: The Public Building Commission of Chicago manages construction and renovation projects for the City of Chicago and its sister agencies. Mayor Rahm Emanuel serves as the PBC’s chairman. Felicia S. Davis serves as the Executive Director of the PBC. Additional information about the PBC and its projects can be found at You can also follow the Public Building Commission of Chicago on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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