Dore Elementary School Pre-K Expansion

6108 South Natoma Avenue

The PBC Board has approved a Partial Undertaking Request from the Board of Education for the Pre-K Expansion project at John C. Dore Elementary School.

Dore is a neighborhood school on the Southwest side. In 2018, the PBC managed the construction of Dore’s new building, a 114,00-square-foot facility at 7134 West 65th Street. The PBC is now overseeing renovations at the existing Dore Elementary School in order to accommodate the expansion of the school’s Pre-K program.

The new Dore Early Learning Center will feature pre-K classrooms, a teachers’ lounge, lunchroom and parent room. PBC’s scope of work entails paint and finish upgrades, restroom and kitchen renovations, updates to the administrative spaces, and MEP and fire protection systems upgrades, as well as various interior renovations to accommodate the expanded pre-K program.

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