Marshall Metro High School Campus Park

3250 West Adams

The Campus Park site improvement is a 10.3 acre site. The existing vacant lots and tennis courts will be demolished in order to provide an open field with green space at the site. Multiple streets (Spaulding Ave., Fifth Ave., Monroe Ave., and Adams St.)surrounding the school will be closed/vacated.

The campus park will consist of the following amenities:

  • Landscaping with shade trees,
  • Multi-purpose field for football or soccer,
  • Softball field,
  • Arboretum,
  • Ornamental lighting,
  • Ornamental fencing,
  • Benches and
  • Trash receptacles.

Along with the site improvement, the existing parking lot at the north end of the school will be demolished and reconfigured for additional parking stalls. The site will have have an additional parking lot at the south end of the school.