Christopher Columbus School Campus Park

The Campus Park site improvement is a 0.68 acre site. Site improvements include a multi-purpose artificial turf recreation area, a paved walkway path, ornamental lighting, park benches, a trash compactor, and landscaping.

Wolfgang A. Mozart School Campus Park

Mayor Richard M. Daley, along with community members, officially dedicated the new campus park October 17, 2007.

The campus park includes:

  • Two sets of playground equipment with rubberized ground surface — one set for children ages 2 to 5 and another for children ages 5 to 12;
  • New landscaping with bushes and shrubs;
  • New open space;
  • Fencing for safety;
  • A trash compactor and
  • Additional parking

Mount Vernon School Campus Park

The park is adjacent to the school’s north side. The 98,000-square foot park includes trees, shrubs, ground cover, and perennial plantings, site furniture, a trash compactor, a walking trail and ornamental lighting.

William C. Goudy School Campus Park

William C. Goudy School is located at 5120 N. Winthrop and the campus park will be located adjacent to the school on the east side. The project, which is being funded by the Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Park District and City of Chicago, has a general construction cost of $725,000. At approximately. 49,000 sq. ft., the park will consist of landscaping such as trees, shrubs, ground cover, and perennial plantings. It also includes a multi-purpose playing field, ornamental lighting and playground equipment.

Phillip Rogers School Campus Park

Construction is under way for the new Philip Rogers Elementary School Campus Park, which will be adjacent to the east side of the school. The 105,000-square foot park, which will include trees, shrubs, perennial plantings, a walking trail, playground equipment and ornamental lighting, is expected to be completed by the end of 2006.

Kennedy-King College

Mayor Daley cut the ribbon to open Kennedy King College on July 18, 2007.

The project included the construction of:

  • Applied Science building
  • Athletics/Student Services center
  • Culinary Arts/Theater building
  • Childcare building
  • Academic building
  • Library


  • 2009 Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design (3rd Place)