Virtual PBC Board Meeting

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Board Actions

Services: Geotechnical Investigation
Project: Salt Dome Replacement Facility (Grand Avenue)
Company: AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
Amount: $66,666.00
Details: PS2062A-001
Service: Web-based Labor & Minority Compliance Software
Project: Program-wide
Company: LCP Tracker & B2GNow
Amount: $212,000 – Term through December 31, 2022
Details: PS2021-003
Service: Copier Services
Project: Program-wide
Company: RICOH
Amount: $110,000 – Term through December 31, 2022
Details: PS2003-002
Project: Dore Elementary School
Company: Sollitt/Oakley JV
Contract: C1577R
Amount: ($29,043.41)
Project: Lincoln Park High School Renovation
Company: Blinderman Construction Company, Inc.
Contract: C1582
Amount: ($25,470.48)
Project: Taft Freshman Academy
Company: K.R. Miller Contractors, Inc.
Contract: C1591
Amount: ($157,737.95)
Project: Harrison Park Facility Rehabilitation
Company: F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates, LLC
Contract: C1595
Amount: ($9,059.98)
Project: Approval of term extensions for pre-qualified general contractors for Class A-E.
Company: Various firms
Details: Term extension through December 31, 2022.
Election of Chairman and Officers
Name: Chairman, Lori E. Lightfoot

Secretary, Carina E. Sanchez

Treasurer, Arnold Randall

Assistant Treasurer, Tanya Foucher-Weekley

Term End Date: Terms are for one-year, through September 30, 2021
Budget Approval
Action: Approval of the Public Building Commission’s 2021 Administrative Budget.
Budget Approval
Action: Approval of the Richard J. Daley Center 2021 Operating and Capital Budget.
Formulation Request
Action: Approval of a Formulation Request for Phase 1A of the Joint Public Safety Training Campus in the amount of $250,000.