Current Opportunities

As the PBC marks the successful completion of a number of projects that are bringing new resources, opportunities and jobs to our communities, we are offering contracting or professional services opportunities to Chicago area businesses.

Those interested in working with the PBC are encouraged register for PBC Alerts - the direct connection to upcoming contracting opportunities with the PBC. This free service notifies you by email each time a contracting or prequalification opportunity becomes available. Upcoming opportunities are listed below

Date Description Type Status
03/20/2018 Chicago Park District Group B (C1595) AFB Current
03/06/2018 Read Dunning School (C1591) AFB Past
03/07/2018 Chicago Park District Group A (C1594) AFB Past
02/06/2018 Columbia Explorers Elementary School Modular (C1592) AFB Past
02/01/2018 Williams Park Fieldhouse (C1593) AFB Past